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Tommy’s on a roll lawn bowling at Halcyon Glades at Caboolture

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April 21, 2018

Life has never been so busy for Halcyon Glades homeowner Tommy St John.

The former roof tiler has found a new lease of life at the Caboolture North community since he and wife Elaine moved in 18 months ago.

If he’s not competing on the bowls green, Tommy’s planning his next crop in the community garden or delivering bread and veggies to neighbours.

“You can get stagnant in suburbia, but there’s so much happening here,” Tommy said.

“It keeps you active all the time which is good for your mind and your body.

“There’s not a day that we don’t get involved with something - it adds a bit more to your life.

“There’s always something to do and it’s great to intermingle with people your own age and with the same interests.”

The move has allowed Tommy to learn and master lawn bowls.

He plays three times a week and conveniently lives just 50 metres from the community’s championship-size green.

“I never played before we moved to Halcyon and I was a bit like a duck out of water when I first when along,” he said.

“After the first few times, people get to know you and they mingle really well.

“Now people just knock on my door and see if I want to go down for a practice session.”

And while former dressmaker Elaine immerses herself in arts and crafts, Tommy looks forward to weekend competitions and has finally become a life member of Pine Rivers Bowls Club after years of being invited to join.

“I do enjoy the people and the competition, it gives you a bit of self-worth and a feeling of achievement,” he said.

A long-time green thumb, Tommy’s also heavily involved in the Sow and Grow group which plants and cultivates a wide range of veggies for the community.

The produce is sold each week at Happy Hour with proceeds going to the social club and charity.

“It makes you feel like you’re giving something back to the community,” Tommy said.

“It’s a feel-good thing. The feedback we get from people is very, very positive.”

Tommy’s enthusiasm for his Halcyon lifestyle has rubbed off on his brother-in-law, who has moved into Halcyon Lakeside, and also on a family friend, who is selling her home to move to Glades.

“I’m a pretty straight-shooter and I wouldn’t sing its praises if it wasn’t any good,” he said.