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Bocce is a game dating back to ancient Egypt, Bocce is still a favourite past time amongst friends.

Whether played on a grassy lawn or at the beach, Bocce is still a favourite past time played in the company of friends across the world. 

Stuart and Toni-Maree Eden, homeowners at Halcyon Glades, said they have been playing Bocce for many years.

“We don’t play competitively, but we do have lots of fun, and it’s a great way to socialise and stay active,” Stuart said. 

“There are usually four people to a game, but you can also play with up to eight players.

“Everyone takes their turn with lots of banter and laughter in between, half the time we forget to keep score!

“It’s been a great way to meet our neighbours and get to know everyone in the Halcyon Glades community,” Stuart said. 

Toni-Maree says Bocce is then usually followed by a round of Skittles, an outdoor game that mirrors indoor bowling. 

“Skittles is fun to play outdoors on the lawn,” Toni-Maree said. “You only get three throws with the aim to knock down all the skittles.”

Stuart and Toni-Maree moved from their Glasshouse Mountains home to Halcyon Glades in October 2019.

“I can’t believe we only moved in last October, it feels like we’ve been here forever,” Stuart said. 

“It’s a great community with a never-ending list of things to be part of and people to meet.”

Toni-Maree especially loves to take part in line dancing, a sport that now sees her practicing in her garage.

“Line dancing is great for the mind and body,” Toni-Maree said.

“It keeps me fit, and it’s enjoyable to do when you’re with a group of others who love to dance.”


Facts about Bocce
  • Bocce can be traced back to 5200 B.C, discovered in a painting found in an Egyptian tomb
  • It was then developed into its present form in Italy and is now the third most-played sport in the world
  • The Pallino is the smaller ball, which starts the game. Pallino means ‘little ball’ in Italian.
  • The word ‘bocce’ means bowls. The word ‘baci’ means ‘kiss’ which is why the term is used when a ball nestles up to the Pallino


How to set up a game of Bocce
  1. Gather your bocce ball set. A standard set can be found online ranging from $20 to $50
  2. Choose your teams with either two single players, two teams of two, or two teams of four players each
  3. Set up your game area. This can be a grassy lawn or on the beach
  4. Flip a coin to decide who throws the Pallino
  5. Each team takes turns to throw their bocce balls
  6. The Bocce closest to the Pallino is the winner!